About us

The history of water supply in Trakai district began around 1960. When the first apartment buildings were built, drinking water supply and sewage disposal became centralized. The first to perform this function was the combine of communal companies of the Trakų district, later, in 1973, it was taken over by UAB "Vilniaus Vandenys", and since 1998, UAB "Trakų Vandenys" began its history.

The company operates 20 water facilities with 63 wells, 71 sewage pumping stations, 5 sewage treatment plants, 164.7 km of water supply and 129.8 km of sewage networks.

We serve 13,790 households located in the towns of Trakai, Lentvaris, Rūdiškii and Aukštadvaris, as well as sixteen other villages of the Trakai district municipality and 347 companies.

UAB "Trakų vandenys" is a member of the Lithuanian Water Suppliers